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Devils Dubai



Inteligent, beautiful and sexy girl. Sounds good? I know that this kind of person is very rare in the real life. Many girls are sexy but they are stupid. Many girls are smart but they are ugly. It is hard to find the perfect girl. Some people says that the perfect girls don’t exist. But this is bullshit. Look at me and tell ma what do you see? Perfect body, perfect tits, perfect ass and perfect shape. And know think that I am inteligent and that I love to read books. Sounds impossible? But it isn’t.

I am a perfect girl but you must know that I am not someone who can be your wife or girlfriend. I am a woman who will come to your hotel room and who will fuck you like an animal. I can be your partner at the business dinner. I can go with you to the cinema and I can take a walk with you in the moonlight. But all of those activities have it price and I want you to pay me after my work. I am an escort girl and I know my worth. I am very special and I know that the special things are not cheap.

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Blowjob: natural


Nationality denmark
City Dubai Escort
Height 502
Weight 59
Measurements 33
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Age 24
Languages English
Phone 00971529755167

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